Come and share the galette with us! Activities for all ages on Saturday 15th of February 2014 from 4.00 to 6.00 pm at Farronshoneen Community Centre.

Tickets: €5 per person, for more information call: 085 7739744

La Galette des rois is Usually served on the 6th of January in France to celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings to the crib. It comes from a much older tradition. It was adapted from an old Roman custom. During the festivities to honour the God Saturn, a round golden cake was shared.

Inside was a pawn. The person who found it in their slice would become “king” for a day. In the middle ages, a galette was shared, cut in as many slices as there were guests  plus one for the poor and was called “gateau des rois”. The peasants had to pay their tithes at that time of year and often accompanied this with a cake. Nowadays, as a game, the youngest guest is asked to go under the table and call the name of the guest for whom the slice is intended.